Accessibility in legal settings for hard-of-hearing and deaf witnesses

Accessibility for hard-of-hearing and deaf individuals in legal setttings.

Do you have a witness that is hard-of-hearing or deaf and need to provide accessibility to them in a discovery, deposition, hearing or trial? CART Services by IR provides you with the simple solution to ensure your witness has full access to everything being spoken in the court room.

Independent Reporters is your go-to company for ensuring complete accessibility in any environment that you may need for a witness.

CART Services is similar to realtime court reporting, but used more for a read-only access for a hard-of-hearing or deaf witness. A court reporter listens to and takes down all words being said by lawyers, judges and witnesses providing questions and answers. This allows the individual to read, in realtime, the text to follow along with what is being said.

The individual is connected to a live text stream from the court reporters computer. The person can view the text on a tablet, laptop or computer. Reading the live testimony is similar to the individual watching closed captioning on a television program. Only difference is there is no video, just a screen of streaming text.

Independent Reporters has provided live services in legal proceedings in Alberta and also set up remote situations in court rooms across the country. A remote session involves some other pieces to be put in place and tested in advance. if you have a requirement outside of Alberta, contact us and we will make sure to provide a range of solutions and work with you to ensure a smooth integration of services.