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Realtime court reporting is used in legal settings to allow lawyers and judges the capability to view the live testimony as it is written by a court reporter in a live discovery, deposition, trial or hearing. By using software on each parties computer, our court reporter can connect those computers to the reporters computer so that you can now view the realtime testimony as it happens. Also, during the proceedings, you will have the ability to electronically create annotations, make notes, perform searches on the realtime testimony, and even create reports all during the proceedings.

There are different programs available that allow you to be connected by realtime to our reporters. If you don’t have software, IR does provide clients who wish to be connected during a proceeding with one of our iPads for use during the deposition of a witness. IR first provided realtime court reporting services to the legal community in 1992. Since then we have provided over 500,000 pages of realtime court reporting services to our clients on a wide range of cases. We pride ourselves on having the fastest, most accurate real-time court reporters in the industry. Ask for realtime with your next discovery or deposition and see what a difference it makes to have interactive realtime services available for you. IR also has the ability to offer remote realtime court reporting services. By remote, this means that you can view the realtime proceedings in one city even if the examining parties are located in another. Many of our clients find this useful for their support teams. For example, if you are in Calgary for the examination of a witness, your support staff in Edmonton can be connected via the Internet and view the realtime testimony as it happens. This allows them to receive the realtime feed, make notes and annotations, just as if they were there.

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