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Realtime Court Reporting Services.
What is it?
How does it work?

Realtime court reporting is used in legal settings to allow lawyers and judges the capability to view the live testimony as it is written by a court reporter in a live discovery, deposition, trial or hearing. What can you do with the live text stream from your court reporter?

  • Read, in realtime, the testimony of what is being said. This provides better comprehension.
  • Add quick marks to the live testimony. Similar to putting a stickie on your page, a quick mark is quickly added by hitting the space bar, adding a mark to that part of the testimony. You can search this after and even create a report with  a chosen number of lines before and after the quick mark.
  • Search the live testimony. Searching allows you to enter a keyword or phrase and find each instance of that keyword in the live testimony. This can be done during the proceedings and the continued realtime text continues to add to the current file.
  • Create Reports. You can quickly create a report at the break or review your quick marks to prepare more details for your upcoming questioning.
  • Draft Transcript. At the end of the day you will now have a draft transcript you can immediately use to prepare for continued questioning for your next day. As well, IR will provide an updated draft transcript to all clients ordering realtime services.

What do you need?  Just a few things. First, a computer or tablet.  These will connect to our court reporters system and provide you with the realtime transcript. No software is needed. You simply connect to a local IP address provided by the court reporter through your browser and all viewing is done there.
Or let us provide you with a tablet to use so that you can view the realtime testimony and easy access to your computer for other documents.

Remote access is possible for clients to have a realtime feed to their office or remote location for paralegals to view the live testimony without being in the proceeding room. This allows others to be connected, view the live transcript and help to aid in the research of information and provide support to you in the hearing/discovery/deposition without being on-site.  This service requires 2 working days to set up, so if this is needed, please provide us with notice and we can have this in place.

For more information on any of our realtime court reporting services and pricing, please use the form below and we can discuss your questions.  Duane or Zack will be happy to assist.


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