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Many firms provide court reporting services in Calgary and Edmonton, but what makes a court reporter from Independent Reporters stand out in our field is the experience, training, and dedication they have to our clients. Simply put, our reporters excel at what they do.

While the shorthand principles they use to bring speed and accuracy to transcribing legal testimony has remained relatively unchanged, it is the advances in understanding how to better utilize the shorthand dictionary and new technologies that have changed how we deliver our services.

Each reporter at IR undergoes extensive training through the years. The first area is done by our senior writers helping to mentor new reporters when they join. Usually for a minimum of one year after graduation, and sometimes longer, each reporter is worked with individually. All the work they provide is reviewed not once, but twice, so that they can appreciate what it takes to make the best record possible for our clients. Understanding little nuances along the way and learning is the key to their development.

Second is mastering their software and learning how to make it work for them, not them working for the software. By doing this, and teaching our court reporters how to understand the little details that will save them time allows them to better produce transcripts for our clients.

Finally, always looking to become Realtime friendly. Not all of our reporters provide Realtime court reporting services, but that doesn’t matter. This provides the reporter to see, in Realtime while the witness is being deposed, what they are writing and notice simple things that may need to be checked during the questioning instead of trying to figure this out later.  This also helps to ensure the timely delivery of your transcript.

Factor in these items, and having a court reporter from IR at your next exam, you will see the professional difference that our service-oriented court reporters provide to our clients.

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