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Video Conferencing Services in Calgary and Edmonton

IR provides our clients with video conferencing facilities in both of our offices. 

With our world becoming smaller, we understand that our clients are now connecting to their clients anywhere around the globe. To help you to easily stay in touch with anyone, anywhere, our video conferencing facilities are available 24/7. No matter where you need to connect with a client for a meeting or legal proceeding, we can accommodate your video conference requirements.

If you have a witness in a remote location, or not able to easily access a full video conference location, speak with us, we have solutions. IR can get your client or witness connected using a PC, Mac or tablet. There is some advance setup and testing needed, but that is something that we fully take care of.

Remote and Virtual proceedings are now even easier to question witnesses remotely! IR has an in-house team that can provide connections with most devices from true IP-based video conferencing equipment to computers and tablets.

What Are Some Uses of Video Conferencing for Legal Clients?

  • Remote or Virtual Discoveries
  • Trials – Have Remote Witnesses Attend to Provide Testimony
  • Expert Consultations
  • Witness/Trial Preparation
  • Settlement Conferences
  • Co-Counsel/Partner/Client Meetings
  • Job Interviews

Easily Connect, Anywhere
If your client already has video conferencing, we can easily connect to their site. If you require a location to use in any other city, worldwide, Independent Reporters can easily arrange a convenient location through our various partners around the world.

How To Reduce Your Costs and Travel Time
Click here to read a summary of how video conferencing can save you time, reduce travel costs, and give you less stress.

Contact us for a Demonstration
Want to see just how easy video conferencing is to use? Just contact our office to arrange a time where you can see, first hand, how easy and convenient video conferencing can be for you.

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