Accessibility Services - Hard-Of-Hearing and Deaf Individuals

What is Remote CART Services?

CART, Communication Access Realtime Translation, is an assistive technology that allows a deaf, or hard-of-hearing person to view a realtime text translation and understand what is being said by other people talking in any environment. The term captioning, or classroom captioning, is sometimes used to describe CART. While the two services do provide a similar function, providing realtime text to a viewer to read and follow, captioning should generally be referred to providing text to a picture, as in captioned television broadcasts.

CART services are provided by a trained court reporter. Our reporter, or CART writer, utilizes a stenographic machine, notebook computer, and Computer-Aided Transcription software to allow our client to view instant translation which is viewed on a computer or other type of display. While the CART writer is taking down the spoken word, their writer is connected to a laptop computer. This computer hosts Computer-Aided Transcript software (CAT). The CAT software receives the steno strokes from the writer, translates that steno into English, and then the translated text appears on their screen and can be viewed by the individual.

Where is Remote CART Used?

Independent Reporters provides CART services in the following environments:

  • Classrooms, including junior high school, high school, junior college, college, technical schools, and university settings
  • Internet webcasts
  • Business and government functions
  • Corporate training sessions
  • Courtrooms
  • Conventions and conferences
  • Civic meetings
  • Shareholders meetings
  • Health and medical meetings

CART can be provided for one individual, displayed on a large screen for a group in a meeting situation, or provided to as many personal laptops of anyone who could require the service. As long as there is an internet connection, IR can provide CART services in any environment.

Advantages of Remote CART

Utilizing Remote CART services from Independent Reporters provides both the student and education facility with unique advantages.

  • First, the service is remote. This means the student participates in the class or lecture as any other student. There is no distraction of having an interpreter or live CART writer present in this setting. Many students who have used an interpreter or live CART writer prefer the remote service because of this. A live CART writer also requires set-up and take-down time, and this can also cause delays for the student as they rush from one class to the next.
  • Second, scheduling services are more cost effective. Having a live person can include extra expenses due to travel, parking, and scheduling. With our Remote CART service, there are no minimum hours required per day. Book as little as one-hour and you’ll be billed for only that hour.
  • Finally, the student has the “transcript” of everything that occurred in the class or lecture and can utilize that for their review and notes. Having this text in this format provides a much more comprehensive understanding for the student and better prepares them for their studies and testing.

How It Works

  1. The user connects their computer to broadband internet, our web portal, and audio source.
  2. Once connected, our remote CART writer confirms audio is being received and sends a test back to the user to confirm the connection is working.
  3. When the event starts, everything that is verbally spoken in the classroom or meeting is streamed through the internet and sent to our CART writer.
  4. The audio is heard by our CART writer, transcribed on a steno machine, translated to English, and then streamed back through the internet to the user’s computer.
  5. The text that was written by the CART writer now appears on the user’s screen, allowing them to read what has been said.
  6. The realtime test can also be projected on a large screen so everyone in the room can view and better comprehend what is being said.
  7. Multiple people can connect to our web portal from any location where they have a computer and internet connection. This can be used to allow people who cannot travel to a location to still be able to attend in a virtual setting.

Some History on CART

Independent Reporters, IR, has provided CART services to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community since the early ’90s. Understanding the needs for the recipient of CART services is foremost. Having that understanding of our clients confirms that equal access for the user is crucial to allowing them to be an active participant in any situation they enter.

At IR we ensure our CART writers can provide very accurate translation in any setting. There is a lot of work a CART writer must do to prepare themselves for writing Realtime, not to mention to prepare for the file. Our writers go through various levels of training and updating before we will consider them ready to provide CART services. Most of this training comes from our senior writers, many of whom have been trained from very accurate Realtime writers and who continue to further develop and improve their skills.

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