Are You Ready To Be The Exception?

NAIT Grads, we’re always interested in having you consider being a reporter and work with other professional and service-minded court reporters. We know you’ve done a lot of work to get where you are and want to help guide you to the next level of getting out and taking the next challenges as a court reporter.

Why choose Independent Reporters?

  • Training – IR personally trains our reporters. Doesn’t everyone? Not like we do!
    What does this entail? LOTS! Software training, transcript training and understanding, grammar training, technology training, personal guidance, mentoring, the list goes on. We work with each reporter on an individual basis. Sometimes it’s for six months, other times it’s for over a year. If we see your potential we will take the time with you to ensure you become an important part of our future team. The way we work with you will be unlike anything any other firm does. We’re going to work with you to build your skills, knowledge and confidence.
  • Equipment – IR no longer provides equipment for court reporters to use. 
    The reporters at IR primarily use StenoCAT software, but you are free to choose the software of your choice. We do suggest StenoCAT as it will provide for easier training with our systems and integration on future files, but as noted, you are free to use software that you want.
    We can help guide you on other equipment to have in your arsenal that will make your job a lot easier!
  • Getting paid – IR pays reporters monthly for work that has been delivered to the client. You get paid for the work you did and never have to wait to be paid when the client pays. This takes one more worries out of the equation and lets you focus on being a court reporter, not a bill collector!
  • Transcript production – Court reporters should create transcripts. At IR you never print transcripts or distribute them to law firms. In fact, you never even have to come to our office to finalize your transcript. All transcript work is done electronically. This means that when you are being trained all the files are sent through our servers and then the noted corrections are sent back to you again in the same format. This saves you time!
  • Learn the right way – We are happy to say that we have the best court reporters in the industry providing services for our clients. We know this. And to get there it takes time and a willingness to learn. You can do that at IR. We work with our reporters on small jobs and help you to understand all the nuances of what you need to do in your duties. From there you will build confidence and your skills and look to take on work that is more technical in nature. This leads us to…
  • Realtime – Learning how to provide realtime court reporting services is a fine art and takes time and dedication. Not everyone can do it, but, with the right training and understanding, maybe you can get there. We work with you on this because it can take you to…
  • CART – Another area for writers to consider, once they hone their skills, is to provide CART services for deaf or hard-of-hearing clients. IR provides CART services from coast-to-coast across Canada and the United States. Learn your skills properly with IR and we can get you to this wonderful level of providing services to students that will make a difference in their life.

Want to arrange a personal meeting and have a discussion? Send Duane O’Geil a message and let’s speak further!

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