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Professional and reliable court reporting services in Calgary and Edmonton. Real-time court reporters, trial services, deposition stenographers, certified legal video, accessibility services and video conferencing facilities.
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Calgary and Edmonton Court Reporters – service across Alberta

Independent Reporters – IR – provides legal clients with the most trusted court reporting services in Calgary, Edmonton and most areas of Alberta.
Core services by IR include court reporters for discovery, depositions, hearings, trials, arbitrations, meetings, conferences and convention reporting. We also provide certified legal video services for US depositions, virtual conference rooms in Calgary and a full-service office in Edmonton with video conferencing and Zoom connections to link you with clients anywhere in the world. When you need the best court reporting services in Calgary, Edmonton, or anywhere else in Alberta, IR is the solid choice.


We Specialize in Realtime Reporting

IR has provided millions of pages of realtime transcription going back to 1992. From realtime services for general litigation, hearings, trials, court, arbitrations and other matters, we truly understand the needs of these technologies for the client. Backed by an in-house support team, IR will ensure the scope of these services you need are provided right, from start to finish.

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Calgary Office – Virtual

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Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Calgary, our virtual office can provide clients with facilities office that are comfortable, modern and the perfect location to host any discoveries or depositions in Calgary. An abundance of surface and underground parking is a short walk, as is the downtown LRT line.

Edmonton Office – Full Service

730, 9707 110 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5K 2L9

Our full-service Edmonton office is located in the Government district. With available street parking, surface parking and an easy one-block walk from the Grandin LRT station, our modern and comfortable full-service offices are a perfect location to host your discoveries and depositions.

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Independent Reporters - Edmonton Court Reporting Services

Edmonton - Calgary - Court Reporting Services

Court Reporter Services

Court reporting services in both Edmonton and Calgary. Schedule a court reporter for any upcoming questioning, discovery, deposition, hearing, trial, arbititration or other legal services.

Our team of court reporters have expertise in oil and gas litigation, commercial litigation, medical, MVA’s, family law, utility hearings, general hearings, patent litigation, security litigation and many other areas.

Contact our team to discuss and arrange transcript services.

Realtime Court Reporters

Larger litigation sometimes requires instant access to transcript testimony during the day to keep on track when putting questions forward to a witness.  

Using realtime on large cases can help to streamline the discovery process and provide members of your team with transcript details when they need it.

Get in touch with our team and we can provide solutions for you to consider.


Benefits of Realtime
Realtime Court Reporting Services For Trials

Trials – Hearings – Arbitrations

When you and your team of lawyers, paralegals and expert witnesses need to be in the know during a trial, hearing  or arbitration, use our expertise and knowledgeable court reporting team to provide a seamless realtime transcript of the proceedings.

For on-site and remote access to the transcript, IR will work with all parties and provide solutions for one connection, or many. Our in-house tech team will work with you to train and provide support before, during and after each day.

Contact Duane to discuss the various levels of services available.